Saturday, 30 April 2016

Foodace Green Chilli Sauce

Since we had our kids, I hardly cook spicy foods. As my husband loves spicy foods, I started making chilli sauces, which we store in the fridge for when we need that extra kick.  
I went to the market the other day, I saw this bowl of beautiful green chillies for £1, I just could not resist.  I bought it and was so excited the make this sauce; cooking just excites me. The last time we made rocket chilli sauce, it was just too amazing. We used it for practically everything; as a dip, even as a spicy marinade. It was just perfect for grilling meat.  Same goes for this one, I have used it to marinate chicken wings and it was superb. We have used it as a dip too. My friend that was visited could not get enough, she absolutely loved it. 
Here is my simple green chilli recipe


470g green chillies 
2 scotch bonnets
2 small onions
1 cup olive oil (or any oil of choice)
2 handfuls parsley 
2 knorr seasoning cubes
1/4 teaspoon cardamom pod powder
Salt to taste

Cooking procedures

Place all ingredients (except for the seasoning cubes, oil and the cardamon) in a food processor, blend until they are roughly chopped.
Pour oil in a pot, heat up. Then add the roughly chopped ingredients. Fry for about 5 minutes. 
Add the cardamon powder, seasoning cubes and leave to fry for another 5 minutes. (Turn occasionally).

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  1. Great site, just found it. I am going to try the recipe and if we like it, I plan on canning it with the same ingredient that you mentioned with. I was looking for extra hot chilli sauces and found your blog.